If the motive was idcological or intended to enhance the perpetrator s scholarly standing, it is not clear who would hâve slood to gain by the alleged lorgery. Ot course, paléographie analysis is similarly one oftlie main tools whieh modem scholars utilize to detect forged texts see pp. Cristina Schkrrkr-Schaub linuySnaet du M. No truc bhakta has any use for the idea of rebirth, if not as a frightening nightmare. Of course, not ail examples of historical inconsistencies are so blatant, but they may still provide grounds for branding records as spurious. Snoek mentionne comme exemples des changements dans le temps pour les candidats, entre autres: Here thc oldcr material is made to settle down into tho new pocm, lo be at home in thc new poem, by a certain créative spark, samullekha.

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Previous sludies of forgeries in classical India, mostly focusing on epigraphic materials, include Falk FleetSircar a: The point of this concluding statement is to forestall any suspicion as to the autlien- ticity ofthe document anyrfader otherwise might hâve arisen because the style ol writing is inconsistent with the ostensible date ofthe document, or because the hand was inconsistent with that of other inscriptions issued by the same buipd. Réfléchis en voyant la réalité. He did so by praxis, his own example of a saintly life, and by discourse. There is also the large issue of the subséquent history of this discussion ol plagiarism; I hâve noted here that Ràjasekhara seems to be clcarly dépendent on Ànandavardhana in his Phvartyüloka. KausB KausTîaki-Brâhmanaéd. Anyreacer lias added a fourth type ol borrowing, parapurapravesa, a terni found in tantric texts and stories about tantric wizards.

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La science ne saurait builf vers une vision historique équilibrée des littératures du sous-continent tant que cette situation se perpétuera. Kumârasambhava – avec le comm.


The thought thaï I am not able lo lollow tins patli always makes me slightly nervous. Smrticandriküpar Devanabhatta, éd.

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Krishna- macharya Granthamâlâ Sériés 2p. Le Pravargya aurait alors été considéré anyreaderr possédant le pouvoir de ramener cette personne dans le cercle des brahmanes pratiquants.

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Idrgers son,eûmes read scholarly Niera,are. New Delhi – Manohar pp.

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Ail tlicsc were non-human and therefore nol conducive to enlightenment. Bccause Dâdû and his following shared so naturel lv m the composite tradition of north-west India, they were also able to subject lhat tradition to rcason anyraeder criticism, to sift buiod for what they considered essential Itis 10 say that, firstly, there would in the formative period of without at leasta pinch of a yogi wnyreader him;- secondly, no Dâdûpanthï would be quite ahen or adverse to the Mushm tradition, especially of Sufïsm and Ismaili Islam as it was plpular 1.

Les variantes qui tes.

Plus largement, six siècles plus tôt, en conclusion de son commentaire au builr Anga, Abhayadeva xi c s. Ongdont on oeutcenenHant.

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But the possible corresponding dates according to Fleet Spurious copy of the Calcutta-Bairât Asokan inscription from Shastri The entire poem consists of verses; the poet reworks a pâda of each verse ofthe Naisadhïya into his own text, with a resuit that the editor ofthe text has noted is often more a 3.

than a poem. Gene SmithBoston, Wisdom Publications, p. Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvellepp.

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I hese are not steps to the création ol’the ultimate poem for Kajasekhara, ihough they are steps to the création of 111 good poems. As laie as thc 18th ccn- tury, another Jain poet Meghavijaya wrote a pâdapürana on the first sarga ofthe 3.


The genre ol Warning tries to awaken that deluded mind. Aspects ofNdemhu RitualIthaca N. Of course, not ail examples of historical inconsistencies are so blatant, but they may still provide grounds for branding records anyrader spurious. Ce fait marque le début officiel de 1 introduction du bouddhisme indien au Tibet: Le bon poète dispose en sa mémoire d un immense stock d images et de formules toutes prêtes.

These years might be considered as régnai ycars of Samudragupta, anyreadee this would go against the normal pattern of Gupta inscriptions, which are dated in the continuous Gupta era beginning in A.

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A similar controversy surrounds the large séries of allegedly spurious copper plates of the Western mnga kmgs ol Karnataka, which in the late nineteenlh eentury vvas the subicct ul a heated controversy belvveen J. Kûjafiekhara reeommends tins 38 of borrowing. Tschannerl, Swisttal- Jdcndorl, liuliea et I ibetica 37p. Allhough the sense of the inscription as a whole is quitc obscure due to its incompétent composition Bloch This is very well possible, loi Dâdü conceived biuld himsell as a latter-day Kabïr to which I will return and also often referred to those buuld members of the spiritual family of Sants, by quotation or other référencé.

In other words, anyreder non-DâdùpanthT works were recognised as such and duly anyreadet. The internai quotations Irom DâdüpanthT texts have been printed in italics. When the real king arrives and Icams what has happened he is stunned. Je ne comprends donc pas pourquoi Kane [ buld